Turnaround’s warehouse is based in Hertford, from which we distribute to customers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

Trade orders should be placed through our Customer Services department.

Supplying Stock to Turnaround

For many of our publishers, our stock manager will request stock of new titles approximately one month prior to the publication date, and will order other titles as needed. Some publishers work on separate agreements, fully outlined in their contracts.

Publishers must provide our stock manager with confirmation of titles being sent and their carton quantities. We will also require a delivery note and customs form to ensure that everything is able to clear British customs. 

Any unsent, unavailable or delayed items should be reported so that we can update our system and inform our customers of delays.

Deliveries & Booking In

All deliveries must be booked into our warehouse. Please follow the instructions below, and please copy them to your printer or warehouse when sending stock to Turnaround.

Please contact the following to get a booking in time and reference number. You should send any tracking numbers to:

Ian Howard, Goods In Supervisor

t: +44 (0) 14 3890 0013
f: +44 (0) 20 8826 0430
e: [email protected]

Turnaround Publisher Services
(Back of Azelis House)
Hertford DC
John Tate Road 
Foxholes Business Park
SG13 7DT

Hours of business for delivery: 8.30am – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.  

All deliveries must have the following, or else they will not be accepted:

  • A Turnaround booking reference.
  • Delivery note that states this reference along with ISBN, title, price, discount if appropriate and units. 
  • Delivery notes must be attached to the outside of the carton and a copy included in the first carton of consignment. 
  • Goods must arrive at the Turnaround warehouse five working days minimum before month end to guarantee invoice and dispatch in the same month.

Pallet and Carton Specifications

  • Outer Boxes/Cartons/Pallets must be clearly labelled with qty per box/pallet, ISBN, title and publisher.
  • Individual carton weight must not exceed 17kg.  
  • All pallets must be fit for the purpose of use – i.e. GOOD condition Pallet size must be 1200mm x 1000mm  or 1200 x 800mm
  • Pallets must not exceed 750kg.
  • Pallets must not exceed a height of 1.2m
  • All pallets must be shrink-wrapped.
  • Any damaged or broken pallet will be refused. 


All packages, cartons & pallets must be clearly labelled with our address and invoice number /delivery reference for the goods contained.

All books must arrive to us in mint condition – even slightly-damaged copies cannot be sold and will not be delivered to trade clients. In order to prevent damage to books in transit, please use the following guidelines:

  • Books sent through appointed carriers should be packed in cartons and placed on pallets. Where possible cartons should arrive at your freight handler on pallets.
  • For books sent to freight handlers through unappointed carriers (i.e. UPS), please use extra packaging and double-carton your books using strong cardboard. This will help reduce potential for damage for books being sent from your distribution centre to your freight handler.