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Barricade Books

For years, we at Barricade Books have prided ourselves on providing books to readers that other publishers would shy away from. Our books test the boundaries of the First Amendment, ultimately strengthening it and protecting our personal freedom. In this age of publishing dinosaurs that gobble each other up to become even larger, Barricade Books is unique. We remain an independent publishing house committed not only to making a profit but also to protecting people’s right to free speech.
No one needs the first amendment to write about how cute newborn babies are or to publish a recipe for strawberry shortcake. The first amendment was not intended for innocuous ideas or popular points of view. We at Barricade Books are committed to protecting the rights of serious authors to express even the most unpopular, outrageous and offensive ideas. Only then is total freedom of expression guaranteed.

It is our hope that the books contained on this site hold something for everyone. It continues our tradition of publishing quality non-fiction, with a frontlist full of unique titles and a strong-selling backlist.