Dokument Press

Dokument Press is both a publisher and a knowledge providing company with its roots in the Swedish hip hop movement. The company started in 2000, but has its origin in the graffiti magazine UP that was founded in 1992. Today, we have extended our range to include all types of urban cultural expressions.

We operate on several fronts:-
– Our acclaimed publishing work results in book titles that both reaches large audiences and affects social discourse.
– We give lectures and workshops both in Sweden and abroad, mainly on street culture, creativity, civic participation and the right to public space.
– We also act as producers. We set up exhibitions, put together books and catalogs, do mural painting as well as research and investigation, risk analysis and media management at cultural production.
– In total this makes us a dynamic and innovative company with broad expertise and a lot of media attention.

One example is the Swedish National Theatre’s (Riksteatern) international street art convention Art of the streets where we over three years has been part of both the program committee and organization.

Our clients include Riksutställningar, ABF, White architects, Sweco, Copenhagen Municipality, College of Arts (Konstfack), The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm and Uppsala University, the City of Gothenburg and the Swedish Parliament.