Turnaround is unique among sales and distribution companies in that we have a dedicated in-house marketing team that promotes our publishers’ books to the book trade.

We produce a paper and digital monthly sales kit, create catalogues, and make Advance Information sheets for our overseas clients. Our team works hard to support the marketing and publicity efforts of our clients to ensure their books are visible throughout the trade.

The Turnaround Blog

The Turnaround

We have a popular blog aimed at booksellers and buyers, with weekly spotlights and features on our publishers and their books. We also host interviews with our publishers and their authors, events news, and an Ask a Bookseller column that connects us with bookshops and makes sure booksellers know about our publisher’s books.

Title Data and feeds

Title Data
and Feeds

We manage data on behalf of our publishers via various Onix data feeds. We send data to Booksonix and Nielsen, and onwards from there to online retailers. We offer a free Nielsen line-listing for publishers. We also manage Amazon title pages for our publishers, making any necessary data updates and adding review quotes and publicity where relevant.

Our newsletters and Bulletins

Trade Newsletters
and Bulletins

The marketing team produces a monthly newsletter, a weekly publicity bulletin, and a weekly graphic novel spotlight that are each mailed to booksellers and buyers. Our newsletters are a great way of making sure that people know what’s new, what’s big, and what’s coming.

Social Media

Social Media

We use our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts to connect with our publishers and to help them promote their books online, both to the book trade and to readers.

Review and Publicity work

Review and
Publicity work

We often send out review copies to UK media on behalf of our overseas clients, using our contact lists to target a large range of reviewers, bloggers and journalists.

Bookfairs & Exhibitions

Bookfairs &

Turnaround exhibits at, or attends, bookfairs and conventions around the world, including The London Book Fair, Frankfurt Book fair and BEA, as well as more customer-orientated events such as MCM Comic Con and small independent fairs such as the Goldsmith’s Radical Bookfair and the New Suns Feminist Bookfair at the Barbican.