Liminal 11

Liminal 11 is a mind, body, spirit publishing company with a focus on illustration/comic arts. Our aim is to create products that are of benefit to the world and produced by a diverse range of voices.

Our first publication, The Luna Sol Tarot, was released in 2018. We’ve since published a range of beautiful books and tarot decks that we’re deeply proud of, including Lisa Sterle’s long-awaited Modern Witch Tarot, Sarina Mantle’s Women + Patterns + Plants and more!

In 2020, we’ll release our first graphic novel The Garden, and two amazing new tarot decks by Tillie Walden and Alba Ballesta González. Plus more to be announced!

We have plenty of other exciting projects in the pipeline with some truly wonderful creators, so follow our social media, sign up for our newsletter and keep checking in on our site for announcements along the way.