Microcosm Publishing

Microcosm specializes in nonfiction DIY (Do-It-Yourself) goods that focus on the reader and teach self-empowerment.

We publish books from people with both expertise and lived experience that fit in the following subject areas:

Magick How to (Witchcraft, Paganism, Herbalism, and the like)
The Good Life (DIY, how-to, self-care, hands-on skills—anything from how to make or do something to parenting to )
Scene History (what made a time and place into a unique climate for creativity, social justice, gender, sexuality, struggle, or a different way of thinking?)
Building the Bicycle Revolution (nonfiction about the promise of the bicycle to change society with a clear, new perspective on a familiar topic)
Queering Consent (#ownvoices erotica short stories)
Travel guides (what makes a place truly special without costing a lot of money?)
Punx (the hidden stories of the musical style that became a social movement to fix shit up)

Comics Journalism (book-length nonfiction graphic novels that tell powerful stories. We do not pair writers with illustrators but we do perform full developmental edits for books that we publish. We’ll sign a book based on your idea and portfolio alone and can help you workshop it together.)
Gift (humor, animals, fun but educational)
We look for strong visuals and a strong leftist orientation—further left than the Democratic party. One reviewer said that we make “Castro look right wing.” In many ways, he was.

We do not publish books that would primarily be described as poetry, fiction, cookbooks, travel stories, or memoirs, unless the work is more substantially about a nonfiction topic than the author’s life and experiences. If your book contains more than 20% personal stories, we are not the right publisher for you.

Website: https://microcosmpublishing.com/