Salammbo Press

Salammbo’s name is inspired by a novel by Gustave Flaubert, the author of Madame Bovary, but also by the classic graphic novel of the same name by French artist Phillippe Druillet.

Founded in 2011 by Stéfane Houssier and Geraldine East, Salammbo’s first passions are fiction and graphic novels – from timeless classics to the innovative. But popular non-fiction is also represented with our first title The Universe Explained to My Grandchildren, by Hubert Reeves.

Our eclectic collection represents exciting, high-quality writing from around the world: we publish some twentieth century’s most widely acclaimed authors such as Violette Leduc, as well as compelling and award-winning contemporary writers and artists, including Régis Jauffret, Marco Mancassola, Guillaume Sorel and Fabrice Le Hénanff. Salammbo Press is pleased to seek out thrilling stories for a new generation.