Straightforward Publishing

Straightforward Publishing, which now incorporates Emerald imprint, are a low cost publisher specialising in self-help books and are based in the UK. We maintain a high quality of final product covering many aspects of personal finance, personal development, law, creative writing, property, childcare, alternative health, and more.

We have streamlined our operation over the years since starting in 1991 and have developed good relationships with our printers and distributors – you will find our books in most high street locations, your local library and many places on the web. All our books are placed with ‘Google books’ and can be accessed via a google book search – such as using ‘a straightforward guide to’ as a search we can pick up most of our titles! Our books are also placed with Amazon, Blackwells, and W H Smith as well as other websites and we therefore maximize our booksale potential where we can.

We pride ourselves in offering a range of titles that reflect current interests including many law and housing titles – our website maintains the latest revisions of all our books and hence are always up to date with European law as well as UK law revisions.